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Why Sales Tax Software Is So Useless

Many companies have invested heavily in tax software that is capable of calculating the tax rates in various states and localities only to be disappointed with the results. In reality, there are only three challenges: The systems are expensive. They still require human updates to work well. Sometimes they cause more harm than good. Other […]

You Are Leaking Cash – Overpaid Sales And Use Tax

In our experience, most companies are leaking cash, by overpaying their sales and use taxes. Most companies have overpaid tax, and they don’t even know it.  You may have all of the processes in place and designed and implemented the best system, but just not realize that you aren’t catching that trickle of cash casually […]

Know When to Challenge Sales Tax Law for a Refund

The laws governing sales and use tax are complicated. They vary by state, and their interpretation can be controversial. When is arguing the finer points likely to benefit you financially? Even the best CFO’s struggle with sales and use tax because it is a minor focus area.  Financial officers should spend their time on more […]

How Manage Use and Sales Tax

Keeping up with sales and use taxes requires a level of sales tax expertise that most companies don’t have. Forty-seven states that collect sales tax. Then there are the municipalities. To that add the endless exceptions that are in constant flux. Properly managing this sales tax morass requires a broad and continuously evolving understanding of […]

Get A Use or Sales Tax Refund

When we review use and sales taxes to find refunds we come across two different opportunities. The first is purchases that are a black and white mistake.  At some point along the chain, an item is classified as “taxable.”  Our client pays the sales or use tax but doesn’t owe anything; this payment is a […]

The value of a sales or use tax exemption

As we have covered in other articles, the best way for most companies to manage sales tax and use tax is to develop a rules-based system, then bring in specialists every three years to recover overpayment and tune the rules. One way to tune the rules is to apply for exemptions. For example, many states […]

Why Sales and Use Taxes Are Impossible To Manage

Sales and use tax laws are vague, ambiguous and uncertain; they are not consistently applied or implemented.  The complexity begins with the concept of sales tax and the fact that, not all states even collect it. Forty-seven states do collect sales tax, while three have no sales tax at all. But then there are the municipalities […]

What is Use Tax Anyway

Use Tax Is Confusing There’s lots of confusion about what the use tax is and how companies should handle paying it. But it isn’t hard to understand; implementation, well, that is another story. Use tax comes into play when you purchase taxable products or services from a seller that doesn’t have a physical presence in […]